NSU HPD Catalog 2023-2024

Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine—Nutrition Program 129 nutrition and appropriate interventions. The needs of special populations are also included. This course will explore various functional and integrative modalities to remediate dysfunction with a focus on a food-first nutrition protocol. Clinical techniques to optimize the nervous, cardiovascular, urinary and musculoskeletal systems will be addressed. Case studies provide application-based learning to integrate the course concepts. (3 Credit Hours) NUT 5400—Psychology of Eating This online course will explore the psychology of eating— what’s behind food choices, motivation, and human behaviors. Students will identify major triggers in the cycle of emotional eating and overeating and discover how several different biochemicals and neurotransmitters play a role in influencing food intake. They will complete and analyze a self-assessment to examine how mood and various triggers impact their eating choices. The course will examine the epidemic of obesity and its psychological impact on the health of Americans. (3 credit hours) NUT 5700—Vegetarian and Plant-Based Eating Patterns This course will focus on the global approach to nutrition through the use of plant-based eating patterns. Concepts surrounding health benefits, agriculture, and the environment will be explored. Students will investigate and apply topics related to the dietary practices and the promotion of a healthy nutritional lifestyle. (3 credit hours) NUT 6105—Wellness and Healthy Weight This course integrates foundational sciences with the principles and practice of nutrition in wellness applications. Topics covered include the seven dimensions of wellness, health-related fitness, and weight management. In addition, the course will survey basic pathologies related to weight and chronic conditions in the context of health and wellness promotion across the life cycle. (3 credit hours) NUT 6150—Culinary Nutrition This course will cover the comprehensive aspects of food services systems, including menu planning, safety and sanitation, and incorporating foods that meet a variety of nutritional goals. Students will focus on the basic culinary practices and the foundations of basic food science related to how foods change during preparation methods. Reserved for cohort students in the Professional Practice Concentration only. (2 credit hours) NUT 6151—Applied Culinary Nutrition Lab Students apply course concepts from Culinary Nutrition into practical skills for using foods to meet a variety of nutritional goals. Experiential learning and supervised practice come as workshop-type meetings scheduled during the semester. Restricted to Professional Practice Concentration students. (2 credit hours) NUT 6200—Evidence-Based Outcomes in Nutrition Research This course provides a foundation in various methodologies used in nutrition research while incorporating ethical reasoning. Students will gain skills needed to conduct and interpret results from research. Learning activities present diverse scientific approaches used in quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods. Emphasis is given to study design, instrumentation, and analysis. Students will also practice critically reading and analyzing published literature. (3 credit hours) NUT 6400—Nutritional Assessment and Medical Nutrition Therapy This course will provide graduate students with clinical and community levels of nutritional assessment using five parameters in the actual assessment (with knowledge of medial nutrition therapy in selected individuals). Students will have an in-depth exploration of the role of nutrition in health care with an emphasis on primary care, interprofessional care, and the medical home concept. (3 credit hours) NUT 6450—Advanced Concepts in Nutrition Science This course will prepare students to navigate current trends in research related to nutritional sciences and build upon biochemical foundations to understand emerging changes and apply them in nutrition practice. (3 credit hours) NUT 6500—Advanced Medical Nutrition Therapy The area of clinical nutrition practice has become highly advanced and specialized. Nutrition care process provides the framework for this course, which deals with topics related to client services, including advanced forms of nutrition support, complex medical nutrition therapies, and chronic conditions that have a strong nutritional component in treatment. Restricted to Professional Practice Concentration students. (3 credit hours) NUT 6700—Advanced Sports Nutrition This course is an advanced study of nutrition as a tool to enhance athletic performance using food as the optimal fuel. The course will investigate the macronutrients, micronutrients, body composition, and medical nutrition therapy for active individuals, athletes, and special groups. Body composition and the appropriate use of equations to determine energy needs will be studied in depth. (3 credit hours) NUT 6750—Dietary and Sports Supplements This course will provide an in-depth analysis of the various sport and dietary supplements on the market and explore the essential role of vitamins and minerals in the human diet as they relate to health, health promotion, physical activity, exercise performance, illness, and disease prevention. Governmental regulation of the dietary supplement industry will be explored. (3 credit hours)