NSU HPD Catalog 2023-2024

Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine—Nutrition Program 123 Curriculum This certificate option consists of 15 credit hours of graduatelevel courses. Students must successfully complete the following four courses: NUT 5075 Advanced Practice Principles of Functional Nutrition 3.0 Credit Hours NUT 5200 Nutritional Biochemistry 3.0 Credit Hours NUT 5305 Clinical Approach to Functional Nutrition 1: GI System 3.0 Credit Hours NUT 5315 Clinical Approach to Functional Nutrition 2: Endocrine, Immune and Nervous Systems 3.0 Credit Hours NUT 5325 Clinical Approach to Functional Nutrition 3: Cardiovascular and Musculoskeletal Systems 3.0 Credit Hours If, after taking courses in the certificate program, a certificateseeking student decides to pursue the Master of Science in Nutrition degree, the student must submit a new and complete application to become a degree-seeking student and meet all of the degree program requirements. Courses taken in the certificate program cannot be applied towards the degree once the graduate certificate has been issued. For more information on the graduate certificate in functional nutrition and herbal therapy, please visit our website (osteopathic.nova.edu/ms-nutrition/functional-nutrition -herbal-therapy.html)