NSU HPD Catalog 2023-2024

Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine—Health Informatics Program 99 Students are responsible for finding their own practicum site. Once a site is located, the program office will facilitate a legal affiliation agreement between the site and the program. Some practicum sites may require background checks, drug screening, and immunization records. Students are responsible for any associated costs. (3 credit hours) MI 8000—Health Informatics Continuing Services This is an individualized course. (1 credit hour) PUH 5301—Biostatistics This course focuses on the principles and reasoning underlying modern biostatistics and on specific inferential techniques commonly used in public health research. At course completion, students will be able to apply basic inferential methods in research endeavors and improve their abilities to understand the data analysis of health-related research articles. (3 credit hours) PUH 5430—Epidemiology This course examines basic principles and methods of modern epidemiology used to assess disease causation and distribution. Students develop conceptual and analytical skills to measure association and risk, conduct epidemiological surveillance, evaluate screening and diagnostic tests, and investigate disease outbreaks and epidemics. (3 credit hours) Health Informatics Program Department Director and Associate Professor: S. Bronsburg | Professors: P. Hardigan, R. Jacobs, M. Snyder | Assistant Professors: V. D’Amario, J. Garcia, S. Prasad, M. Ramim | Adjunct Assistant Professors: J. Krive, E. Popovich, D. Segura, H. Wiggin | Adjunct Instructors: S. Al-Droubi, L. Berry-Wensveen, D. Famularo, J. Llango, D. Patrishkoff