NSU HPD Catalog 2021-2022

Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine—Public Health Program 95 PUH 6523—Strategic Leadership in Management of Human Resources This course focuses on the concepts and dynamics of leadership in health care organizations. It emphasizes the interactions and influence processes of leadership to effectively use problemsolving mechanisms in the management of human resources. The student will develop competencies through application of the case study approach in public health practice. PUH 6604—Research Methods in Public Health Provides an intermediate level review of basic research methodology, concepts, and principles common in public health and epidemiological studies. Issues related to the design, development, and realization of public health studies, including sampling, surveying, data collection, andmanagement as well as the interpretation and reporting of findings are discussed. Prerequisites: PUH 5430, PUH 5301 PUH 6700—Integrative Learning Experience M.P.H. students will complete the Integrative Learning Experience as the culminating experience in the public health core curriculum. This course presents case studies in various themes of public health practice to demonstrate synthesis of foundational and concentration competencies. Students will integrate the knowledge they have gained and then synthesize and apply problem-solving methodology to analyze public health issues from local, national, and global perspectives. Working in interdisciplinary groups, students will recommend interventions and evaluation methods to address specific problems. Prerequisites: PUH 5220, PUH 5301, PUH 5430, PUH 5512, PUH 5520, PUH 6001, PUH 6604 Public Health Program Department Chair and Professor: C. Blavo | Director—M.P.H. Program and Assistant Professor: C. Serna | Director—B.S. in Public Health Program and Assistant Professor: K. Messer | Professors: M. Fernandez, S. Grant, P. Hardigan, J. Howell, K. Johnson, F. Lippmann, A. Mascarenhas, R. Oller, A. Ottaviani, R. Ownby, A. Perez, B. Peters, S. Rone-Adams, I. Rosenbaum, E. Wallace, M. Wilkinson, S. Zucker | Associate Professors: J. Alamu, P. Anderson-Worts, A. Bested, N. Cook, P. Filker, C. Garcia-Godoy, T. Hollar, J. Leasher, A. Ospina, D. SternFeingold | Assistant Professors: M. Boguslawski, D. Celestine, D. Ede-Nicholas, M. Florent-Carre, K. Hagen, O. McCallum, M. Montoya, C. Navarro, L. Phillpotts, S. Pinnock, O. Soremekun, D. Steinkohl | Instructors: D. Cohen, E. Oviawe, J. Siegel