NSU HPD Catalog 2023-2024

Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine—Public Health Program 85 PUH 6008—Public Health Advocacy The course is designed to provide students with the historical and legal background of legislative advocacy. Students will gain the practical skills necessary to succeed in the legislative advocacy field. The goals of this course are to understand how to effectively advocate on behalf of a cause, company, or nonprofit entity; review laws and regulations affecting lobbying and lobbyists; and comprehend the competitive landscape of public policy. (3 credit hours) PUH 6016—Survey Methods in Public Health This course addresses the theory and practice of designing and conducting surveys in public health research and practice. Topics will include survey designs, sampling strategies, data collection methods, interviewing skills, coding, and data analysis. Prerequisites: PUH 5430, PUH 5301 (3 credit hours) PUH 6017—Independent Study in Public Health This course offers the opportunity to work with a faculty member on an advanced topic of study in any public health discipline. The specific material and format will vary by semester and instructor. Prerequisites: PUH 5301, PUH 5430. (3 credit hours) PUH 6022 - Community Health Project This course is designed to give the student the opportunity to work on a community project. The specific material and format will vary by semester and instructor. (3 credit hours) PUH 6604—Research Methods in Public Health Provides an intermediate level review of basic research methodology, concepts, and principles common in public health and epidemiological studies. Issues related to the design, development, and realization of public health studies, including sampling, surveying, data collection, and management as well as the interpretation and reporting of findings are discussed. Prerequisites: PUH 5430, PUH 5301 (3 credit hours) PUH 6700—Integrative Learning Experience M.P.H. students will complete a culminating, integrative learning experience (ILE) in the final year or semester prior to graduation. The experience will demonstrate synthesis of the foundational and program-specific public health competencies. Students, in consultation with faculty members, will select a public health topic, population, and foundational and programspecific competencies that are aligned with their educational and professional goals, on which their final ILE project will be based. The ILE final project will be an outward-facing public health resource that will benefit a community and/or external stakeholders. The student will produce a high-quality written product that includes a reflection on, and evidence of, the competencies attained, and present the final ILE product in an open forum format. Prerequisites: PUH 5220, PUH 5301, PUH 5430, PUH 5512, PUH 5520, PUH 6001, PUH 6604 (3 credit hours) PUH 6608—Public Health Research Students conduct supervised research in any of the major areas of public health. Prerequisites: PUH 6604 (3 credit hours) Public Health Department Chair, Department of Public Health; Director, M.P.H. Program; and Assistant Professor: C. Serna | Director, B.S. in Public Health Program, and Assistant Professor: K. Messer | Professors: C. Blavo, S. Grant, E. Wallace, S. Zucker | Associate Professors: J. Alamu, P. Anderson-Worts, P. Filker, C. Garcia-Godoy, T. Hollar, J. Leasher | Assistant Professors: A. Bennett, D. Celestine, M. Florent-Carre, J. Forbes, J. Maizel, C. Navarro, S. Pinnock, D. Steinkohl, K. Van Heel | Adjunct Faculty Members: E. Oviawe, S. Rone-Adams, J. Siegel.