NSU On Campus Livng Guide

5 All undergraduate students living in the Commons Residence Hall, regardless of credit hours, must purchase a mandatory declining balance plan per semester. If a resident chooses to apply additional funds to his or her card, it can be done at any time. If a balance exists on a resident’s declining balance plan at the end of the fall semester, the resident’s funds will roll over to the winter semester. Once the winter semester has ended, the remaining balance will no longer be available to the resident. MEAL PLAN RAZOR’S EDGE SCHOLARS PROGRAM Nova Southeastern University offers six programmatic scholarship programs—Global, Leadership, Research, Shark Cage, Shark Talent, and Shark Teach. These four-year residential programs combine curricular and cocurricular experiences intended to capture the unique interests and talents of prospective and current students. Students who complete a specific program will earn an academic minor that will be on their official NSU transcript. In return for their participation, students are awarded an annual, renewable scholarship.