NSU Horizons Spring 2017

34 NSU HORIZONS S cott Parker Jr. (M.B.A., ’06) has a theory about giving back, especially when it comes to cultivating a younger generation of philanthropists. “Giving to Nova Southeastern University is also a way to help invest and grow the community in which you live, where your business is, where you are working, where you are raising your children, where you are growing your family,” he said. Parker, 38, and his wife, Sarah, found their passion for giving after The Parker-Harrigan Group, the UBS Private Wealth Management Group, at which he works and that his father, W. Scott Parker Sr. founded, sponsored the NSU Ambassadors Board annual golf tourna- ment. “I come from a philanthropic family. My parents were about my age when they became involved in philanthropic causes,” said Parker. “I believe that in terms of engaging alumni, it’s getting them early. That’s the key. Pull them in, get them started, and hope that progresses into perpetuity.” It’s no surprise that Parker’s career is helping others plan their financial futures. His own plan for giving to NSU was a bona fide “trifecta”—the combination of three different points of giving to NSU, which included a planned gift to the university, a financial commitment to the Ambassa- dors Board, and a company match for NSU’s Veterans Resource Center. “I think that as a relatively younger alumnus, my commitment is to lead by example in upping my philan- thropic ante as I realize further financial success in life,’’ Parker pointed out. “Hopefully my actions will prove inspiring, or at least cause other graduates to take pause and think about if now is an appropriate time to begin giving back to the university.” Parker, who received a bachelor’s degree in political science from Florida State University, went back to school to get his M.B.A. at 25 years old. Receiving his M.B.A. from Nova Southeastern University’s H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship was a chang- ing point, he said. He began to take notice of the highly successful group of people in South Florida who are NSU graduates. According to Parker, NSU’s graduate program made him realize something else. “Many of the people who come to NSU for graduate school end up staying here. People from other places who settle here are smart, sharp people who establish businesses, buy houses, have children, go to restaurants, and are involved and contribute to the economy of South Florida,” he said. ‘‘Talented alumni will remain in the community well beyond graduation. They will join local companies, create entrepreneurial businesses, and raise their families. It’s a cyclical, almost self-fulfilling prophecy, which will make South Florida a more thriving environment,” Parker said. “The impact that NSU has with its alumni is only going to be more profound moving forward. For Sarah and I, living here and being involved in the business community and the social community, NSU is a good place for us to park some of our dollars.’’ Involved in giving to NSU before he got married, Parker said it didn’t take much to convince his wife, Alumnus Is an Inspiration for Giving BY MICHELLE F. SOLOMON ALUMNI PROFILE Sarah and Scott Parker