2024 NSU Fact Book

2024 FACT BOOK 139 Revenues, Gains, and Other Support Figure 17 Fiscal Year 2023 Revenue Revenues, Gains, and Other Support Millions of Dollars Net Tuition and Fees $619.2 Contributions and Private Grants 31.3 Government Grants and Contracts 36.5 Auxiliary Operations 57.0 Investment Income and Gains/Losses 41.7 Other 37.4 Total $823.1 Net Tuition and Fees 75.2% Contributions and Private Grants 3.8% Auxiliary Operations 6.9% Other 4.5% Government Grants and Contracts 4.5% Investment Income and Gains/Losses 5.1% Fiscal Year 2023 Revenue As shown in Figure 17, the university’s primary source of revenue was net tuition and fees from