2022 NSU Fact Book

2022 FACT BOOK 135 Revenues and Releases Figure 17 Fiscal Year 2021 Revenue Revenues, Gains, and Other Support Millions of Dollars Net Tuition and Fees $565.3 Contributions and Private Grants 38.3 Government Grants and Contracts 42.7 Auxiliary Operations 40.7 Investment Income and Gains/Losses 53.1 Other Revenues 18.3 Total $758.4 Fiscal Year 2021 Revenue Net Tuition and Fees—74.5% Contributions and Private Grants—5.1% Auxiliary Operations—5.4% Other Revenues—2.4% Government Grants and Contracts—5.6% Investment Income and Gains/Losses—7.0% As shown in Figure 17, the university’s primary source of revenue was net tuition and fees from educational programs. Figure 17