2023 Division Of Research Annual Report

Candid Smiles Years ago, NSU’s participation with an early product test and premarketing study helped launch one of the most-used whitening products in the market, recalled Cristina Godoy, D.D.S., M.P.H., CCRP. The team witnessed the evolution of the product and provided research supporting a successful bid for the ADA seal from the American Dental Association. Fast-forward to today, when NSU continues to have a hand in advancing consumer dental products. One study is testing a new whitening delivery method for over-the-counter use. And Godoy was part of the recently released U.S. Surgeon General’s Report on Oral Health. She is also collaborating with Andrew Ozga, Ph.D., on the microbiome pertaining to oral health and working with Toshihisa Kawai, D.D.S., Ph.D., and Mark Cayabyab, Ph.D., on identifying oral biomarkers related to COVID-19 infections. Understanding the why fuels Godoy’s passion: “Why are we doing things that way?” “What is the best product for this procedure, this particular patient treatment?” Obtaining evidence brings satisfaction. “We want to contribute to the backstage of dentistry and other health fields, so clinicians can make informed, effective, evidence-based decisions for clinical care,” Godoy said. “That’s my main goal—to add on to the evidence, helping people achieve their vision for improving health care.” LICENSING OPPORTUNITIES NSU’s Office of Technology Transfer identifies and helps researchers negotiate the protection and commercialization of intellectual and technological inventions. We invite you to browse through the university’s list of available technologies and reach out to us if any of them suit your commercial interests. Together, we can help these technologies fulfill their commercial potential and make a positive social impact. CLINICAL TRIAL OPPORTUNITIES Susan Breno, CCRC Manager, Clinical Research sb1382@nova.edu CONTACTS TABOR GRAY GODOY NOVA S OU T H E AS T E RN UN I V E R S I T Y Scan for more. Scan for more. Scan to email. Junko Kazumi, Ph.D. Director of Technology Transfer jkazumi@nova.edu Arunodoy Sur, Ph.D. Technology Licensing Officer asur@nova.edu Scan to email. Scan to email. 7 Scan for more.