2023 Division Of Research Annual Report

DIVISION OF RESEARCH AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT TEAM ADMINISTRATION Ken Dawson-Scully, Ph.D. Associate Provost and Senior Vice President for Research and Economic Development Gary S. Margules, Sc.D. Vice President for Research Roxana Ross, Ed.D., M.B.A., GPC Assistant Vice President for Research Katherine Rose, J.D., LL.M. Associate Counsel Assistant Vice President Jordan Merritt, Ph.D. Special Projects Manager III CENTER FOR COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH AND CORE FACILITIES Robin Krueger, Ph.D. Scientific Director for Research Facilities Bojie Dai, Ph.D. Genomics Core Manager Morgan Allerton-Minnis, B.S. Genomics Core Technician Dominique Ouimet, B.A., RLAT-G, RVT Vivarium Core Manager Sofia Gallus, B.S. Vivarium Core Technician Alexia Hilber, B.S. Temp Vivarium Core Technician Solly-Ann Barton Case, B.S. Cell Therapy Core Manager Kimberley Kusser, B.S. Flow Cytometry and Imaging Core Manager Awilda Ortiz, B.S. Administrative Assistant II CLINICAL RESEARCH Susan Breno, CCRC Clinical Research Manager OFFICE OF SPONSORED PROGRAMS Cathy Harlan, M.P.A., CRA, GPC Director Ashley Whitaker, Ed.D., CRA Associate Director Teresa Gonzalez, J.D. Contract Manager Magalie Thomas, M.B.A. Assistant Director Estibalitz Igartua-Vazquez, M.B.A. Senior Grant Officer Christine Hadad, M.B.A. Senior Grant Officer Erin Kimak, M.S. Grant Officer Fatima Abu-Rumman, B.S. Grant Officer–Internal Programs Mallory Banton, M.S. Coordinator–Grant Programs GRANT WRITING LAB Melanie Bauer, M.A. Grant Writing Manager TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER Junko Kazumi, Ph.D. Director of Technology Transfer Arunodoy Sur, Ph.D. Technology Licensing Officer RESEARCH COMPLIANCE Janice Roldan, M.B.A. Research Compliance Manager 63