2023 Division Of Research Annual Report

35 NOVA S OU T H E AS T E RN UN I V E R S I T Y The President’s Faculty Research and Development Grant (PFRDG) is a good first step for researchers at NSU. I also suggest working closely with the Division of Research and Economic Development, as they can help find funding, review proposals, and work through the grant process. —Randall Gregg, Ph.D. Soon after I joined NSU, I applied for—and was awarded—an internal NSU Quality of Life (QOL) grant. This grant served as a valuable springboard for all the funded health-equity projects and grants I have been engaged in since. —Farzanna Haffizulla, M.D., MACP, FAMWA Build your base. It is not possible to write a good grant proposal out of the blue. Investigators must commit to a topic, complete research in that area, and publish numerous papers over the years in order to build credibility. I found that the NSF and NIH consider investigator productivity for three to five years before the start of a project, so building a base is very important. —Jeff Kibler, Ph.D. Build relationships with program officers. One officer helped me understand what the discussion of my proposal was like during the panel review. Another allowed me to pitch several ideas, and she picked them apart, telling me which aims she thought were too ambitious. This helped me retool how and what I plan to pitch. —Robert Smith, Ph.D. Demonstrate endurance and perseverance! So far, of the two NIH and three DOD grants that I have won as lead PI, I was not awarded any of them on the first try. Each of them I had to revise and resubmit before I found success. However, that is not to say that all my resubmissions have led to grant awards. I still must dedicate many long hours to writing each grant proposal, but none of them are guarantees; every grant I’m awarded feels like winning the lottery. —Lubov Nathanson, Ph.D. Review the comments from reviewers about what you can do better. Be stubborn and keep at it. —Jose Ramos, Ph.D. At NSU, everyone rallies behind you. —Lauren Tabor Gray, Ph.D., CCC-SLP INTERNAL INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES AND ADVICE TO FELLOW RESEARCHERS As a young doctoral research institution of higher education, NSU has created a unique culture where researchers support one another and all researchers can request seed money to explore novel approaches. Here is what a handful had to say.