2023 Division Of Research Annual Report

1 NOVA S OU T H E AS T E RN UN I V E R S I T Y KEN DAWSON-SCULLY, PH.D. President and CEO, Nova Southeastern University NOVEL APPROACHES “[We] will equip [our students] with the flexibility of mind and imaginative power necessary for creative work in our world of rapidly advancing scientific knowledge” and give them “the skills and appreciation necessary for a full and rewarding life.” Nova University News Release, September 20, 1967; Miami Herald, May 22, 1967 The declaration came after a series of breakfast meetings in the early 1960s to discuss growth for Greater Fort Lauderdale: “We have just got to have a research university!” Known as The Oatmeal Club, a group of South Florida pioneers envisioned the boon born from a university focused first on science and technology. While few universities at the time taught computer courses, Nova Southeastern University’s (NSU’s) founders foresaw the value of supplying scientists and inventors for expanding technology markets and highly trained students for emerging industrial and governmental entities. Computing became one of NSU’s first three subjects, along with electrical engineering and physical oceanography. In 1967, an inaugural class of 17 students began graduate-level studies inside a downtown storefront on Las Olas Boulevard. NSU’s novel model helped attract an advisory board comprising American science and business leaders and a faculty comprising acclaimed scientists, including two Nobel Laureates. One wealthy inventor even responded to an article about NSU by dropping off an envelope with a pledge for $1 million handwritten on the back flap. In producing the university’s first widely distributed annual report on research, this reflection sheds light on the road we have traveled and our pathway to preeminence. At the time of inception, NSU was the first technical university established in the United States in 20 years. Instead of colleges, it created research centers. The faculty-to-student ratio started as one-to-one. And all faculty members possessed terminal degrees from renowned universities. This helps explain why research by students is integrated into everything we do, and how NSU can offer an array of dual admission options to bright talents. NSU’s economic impact to Florida currently exceeds $4 billion. Our research activities span the globe. And we are dedicated to Making Yours a Healthier World. We invite you to learn more. This report includes briefs on select patents and projects. GEORGE L. HANBURY II, PH.D. GARY S. MARGULES, SC.D. Vice President for Research Associate Provost and Senior Vice President for Research and Economic Development Welcome Message GEORGE L. HANBURY II, PH.D. KEN DAWSON-SCULLY, PH.D. GARY S. MARGULES, SC.D.