2023 Division Of Research Annual Report

NOVA S OU T H E AS T E RN UN I V E R S I T Y Cancer and Space Randall Gregg, Ph.D., is currently pursuing three areas of research. One centers on microgravity impact upon the immune system and cancer growth. Dendritic cells coordinate the T-cell response, which is key to successful cancer immunotherapy. Gregg has shown that simulated microgravity differentially activates dendritic cells with modulating affects upon T-cell activity, possibly accounting for dysfunctional immune reactivity demonstrated by astronauts of longterm spaceflight. The lab has been working on how microgravity influences melanoma cell growth, viability, and susceptibility to T-cell cytotoxicity. The work will lead to a NASA proposal to investigate the findings aboard the space station. Insight into how the stress of microgravity influences immunity and cancer may have great benefit to patients on earth. VAN HOOZEN GREGG LOPEZ 23 Scan for more. Scan for more. Scan for more.