2023 Division Of Research Annual Report

With no single underlying cause to pinpoint, patients can suffer for years without diagnosis of a complex disease. Even then, prognosis setbacks persist. Infectious agents wreak havoc. Multiple prescriptions multiply side effect risks. And environmental, genetic, and lifestyle factors compound fallout. To navigate such tough terrain, Travis Craddock, Ph.D., There is a mechanism by which bacteria resist antibiotics called the “inoculum effect.” While researchers have known about it since the 1950s/1960s, no one has been able to describe how it occurs across all antibiotics. Robert Smith, Ph.D., and some of his students discovered an answer, prompting further study. Opportunistic pathogens infect Clearing Landmines The Inoculum Effect is developing a computational pipeline that implements artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to design better therapeutic strategies. Another line of defense emerging from Craddock’s lab is a metadatabase for mapping interactions between drugs, genes, and proteins so doctors can identify potential adverse effects for treatments involving multiple drugs. R A T A B A S C A D D O C K M E T A O T A N I B I I S I C R E S C E T A N S M T H I D O N O A T E L D S I A E E S H N L I W A K M I N F L A M T I O N E N O C L O M O N N A I T B I D E S C I N A Y B A Y C B V A S P E N G T R C K I 16