2023 Division Of Research Annual Report

THE FRONT LINE No battle station can be left unmanned, nor gained ground left unchecked, when it comes to waging war on disease. Artillery is outdated. Advancements meet resistance. Surviving microbes pass along intelligence. Many lines of defense help limited populations. Some therapies mitigate one threat while introducing new dangers. Old enemies elude us still. Infectious agents reemerge. And easily curable diseases can turn deadly again. Warrior researchers, their Cutting off a tumor’s blood supply is one strategy that hallmarks research by Appu Rathinavelu, Ph.D., and his team. Six patents have been issued and one patent for treating a brain cancer called glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is in their sights. The next step is to clinically establish the efficacy of the team’s novel therapies in treating patients suffering from solid tumors. NSU aims to form collaborations with pharmaceutical companies that can facilitate clinical trials and commercial development of therapeutic treatments for the benefit of cancer patients. Human Disease highly skilled teams, and students are making valuable discoveries and contributions as the following eight examples demonstrate. For most, funding from agencies and philanthropists have helped catapult their campaigns to critical points for humanity. Now, mission completion depends on licensing and trial opportunities. The end goals include economic development across the state and nation and increased survival rates and quality-of-life improvements across the globe. Operation GBM 14 D R O B I S O N T I A D E M E P U R P O S R E D R G N E N T I I N V A T E M L R C N C E R R S T B E A M I N O N O M E L A N A T R A I H N V L E U A N I C A N C E R O O S L I D G U MINOND LATIMER ROBISON RATHINAVELU Scan for more. B A I N T U M