College of Dental Medicine Brochure - 2022 Class

Nova Southeastern University | 5 DOCTORAL PROGRAM Did You Know? NSU’s College of Dental Medicine was the first private dental college established in Florida. PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS • NSU’s four-year Doctor of Dental Medicine (D.M.D.) curriculum prepares students to meet primary and comprehensive oral health needs and advance career goals. • An innovative curriculum graduates competent clinicians devoted to primary and comprehensive care. • Courses in basic biomedical sciences prepare students to treat both physically well and medically compromised patients with assured quality care. • An early introduction to clinical settings enables students to achieve an understanding of the dynamics of the dentist/patient relationship. • Integrated instruction complements basic and behavioral sciences with information on management and delivery of dental health care. • A focus on teamwork positions students for success in an efficient and modern health care delivery system. • Faculty, staff, and administrative members pride themselves in addressing the health care needs in society and individual patients, as well as embracing the learning needs of dental students. CURRICULUM THEMES • Human Biology and Disease • Patient Care Foundations • Primary Care and Public Health • Clinical Practice of Dentistry CURRICULUM DELIVERY NSU’s core curriculum and honors and elective courses are delivered in varying formats of the traditional classroom, a simulation laboratory, campus-based clinics, and community-based clinics. Assessment-based recommendations are considered on an ongoing basis to ensure continuous quality improvement. For this reason, the curriculum is subject to change.