College of Dental Medicine Brochure - 2022 Class

32 | Dental Medicine Accepted candidates must participate in an orientation program that generally begins the first week of July (the date may change). The orientation program presents the entering resident with a wide range of administrative and clinical information. This includes NSU-CDM and program-specific policies and procedures, HIPAA and compliance training, utilization of the electronic dental record, implant dentistry, infection control policies, utilization of dental lasers, physical evaluation of patients, and other important topics. Many of the topics are regulatory in nature. It is required that they be successfully completed before the resident begins treating patients in the clinic. Therefore, attendance is mandatory. If the accepted postgraduate resident does not matriculate on the specified date, admission to the program may be deferred, at the discretion of NSU-CDM, or withdrawn, in which case, the individual would have to reapply for admission for the following year. POSTDOCTORAL PROGRAMS ADMISSIONS REQUIREMENTS, continued