College of Dental Medicine Brochure - 2022 Class

10 | Dental Medicine DOCTORAL PROGRAM EXTRAMURAL CLINICAL ROTATIONS NSU’s extramural and community programs are designed to enhance students’ clinical skills, while exposing them to a broad spectrum of patients from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. Students attend rotations in various clinics throughout their third and fourth years. These include • Community Health Centers • HIV Clinics • Department of Health Centers • Pediatric Facilities • Federally Qualified Health Centers NSU-CDM students providing dental treatment to patients are under the direct supervision of a faculty member. In addition, they are expected to comply with the general rules and dental ethics established by the American Dental Association and Nova Southeastern University College of Dental Medicine. Through these experiential learning opportunities, students gain a better appreciation and understanding of how cultural and economic determinants affect the ways through which patients access and utilize dental care and how different environments require modification to the standard mode of delivery of dental services. Did You Know? NSU’s community outreach efforts include Give Kids A Smile Day, oral health education, international medical outreach trips, and Florida Mission of Mercy.