College of Pharmacy Student Handbook 2023-2024

66 Nova Southeastern University Student Handbook Office of Student Affairs Marketing The Office of Student Affairs Marketing sets the communication standards and assists all offices within the Division of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs with their promotional and marketing needs. The office works to inform the students and the university community of available activities, programs, and services being offered. The office also serves students and student organizations, and provides guidance to ensure adherence and compliance to the university brand. Services for students and the university community include, but are not limited to, Student Poster Printing Services—complimentary large format poster printing service for curricular-related use by students and faculty, and extracurricular use by student organizations—the Shark Fountain Brick Project, SharkLens (student photography services), and SharkFINS— a weekly student e-newsletter. Office of Student Conduct The Office of Student Conduct supports the educational mission of the institution by reviewing and resolving alleged violations of the Code of Student Conduct and Academic Responsibility. Guided by the university’s eight core values, the office encourages students to take responsibility for their actions, learn conflict resolution skills, enhance decision-making abilities and develop social awareness and ethical values. Additionally, the office supports the NSU Student CARE Team, a multidisciplinary team designed to provide support for students’ well-being and academic success by connecting students in need with campus and community resources. In addition, the office supports the Student Behavioral Concerns Committee by ensuring that students experiencing or exhibiting behaviors that are of concern in relation to their personal, physical, and emotional well-being are supported and connected to various resources. Office of Student Disability Services The Office of Student Disability Services provides information and individualized accommodations to ensure equal and comprehensive access to university programs, services, and campus facilities. Information about requirements for requesting academic or facility accommodations, by any student enrolled at the university, is available online through the office website. Office of Student Leadership and Civic Engagement The Office of Student Leadership and Civic Engagement provides NSU students with the opportunity to become involved in a variety of leadership development programs, and volunteer activities in the community, in the state of Florida, nationally, and internationally. Programs include service days, alternative breaks, the Annual Leadership Conference, the Emerging Leaders Experience, and the facilitation of Experiential Education and Learning Units in leadership development and community engagement. The office also houses NSU’s premier leadership program, Razor’s Edge Leadership, a dynamic leadership development program for high-performing student leaders who participate in a four-year curriculum that includes curricular and cocurricular elements. Students in the program graduate with a minor in Experiential Leadership. President’s 64, an elite body of student leaders whose purpose is to strengthen the relationship between NSU and its community, is also housed in this office.