College of Pharmacy Student Handbook 2023-2024

50 Nova Southeastern University Student Handbook Notification Should the investigation reveal that there is reasonable cause to believe a violation of policy occurred, communication of the alleged violation(s) will be provided to a student/student organization via their NSU provided email. Notices to student organizations will be sent via NSU email to the president of the organization. Notices of alleged violations will include • the university conduct/academic responsibility standard(s) alleged to have been violated and sufficient details of the complaint for the basis of the allegation to be understood • a statement of the respondent student’s/student organization’s rights • a statement that within five business days of receipt of the notice, the student/student organization must contact the dean of students to schedule a conference/proceeding • an invitation to provide the judicial officer with any relevant information, evidence, or witnesses in relation to the alleged conduct For any graduate or professional student who is alleged to have violated the Code of Student Conduct and Academic Responsibility, a copy of the notification of charges will be provided to the dean’s office of the student’s college. If new conduct issues are brought forth during the student conduct process, additional notice in accordance with this section will be provided to the student. A student/student organization that is alleged to have violated the Code of Student Conduct and Academic Responsibility shall have the matter adjudicated by either an administrative conference or proceeding, based on the alleged violations. Reasonable effort will be made to have the accused student/student organization misconduct considered expeditiously. If a student withdraws from the university or is no longer an active student, the university may, at its discretion, continue through the disciplinary process without the student’s participation, or place the disciplinary process on hold until the student’s attempted return to NSU. Students are not permitted to reenter NSU until all outstanding disciplinary cases are resolved. Additionally, degrees will not be conferred to students with pending disciplinary matters until all such matters are resolved. D.2 Judicial Conference A judicial conference is a meeting related to violation(s) that could not result in suspension, dismissal, or expulsion from the university. Conference Procedures Following notification of charges, the accused student/student organization must schedule a conference meeting with the designated discipline officer. If a student/student organization does not respond to a request to schedule a conference, the university reserves the right to continue its disciplinary procedure, conducting an in absentia conference. In addition, holds may be placed on a student’s account that restrict registration for future semesters. The conference is for the purpose of discussing the alleged violation(s) of the Code of Student Conduct and Academic Responsibility. The conference meeting will only be open to the accused student/student organization and the discipline officer. The accused student/student organization is presumed not responsible unless the student/student organization accepts responsibility, or is determined responsible