College of Pharmacy Student Handbook 2023-2024

34 Nova Southeastern University Student Handbook If you have received formal permission to use material owned by another, place the following notice on the page that contains the copied material: Copyright 2005 by (name of the copyright owner). Used with permission. Although a copyright notice is not required to assert your rights to your own original material, you may want to include a minimal notice of copyright in a web page footer when appropriate. When used, the copyright notice should appear as follows: • web pages − Copyright 2005 (your name). All rights reserved. • organization web pages (examples) − Copyright 2005 Cornell Law Review. All Rights Reserved. − Copyright 2005 Nova Southeastern University. All Rights Reserved. − Copyright 2005 NSU College of Computing and Engineering. All Rights Reserved. A.16 University Copyright and Patent Policy NSU seeks to promote respect for intellectual property and a culture of copyright compliance throughout its community. In an effort to ensure compliance university-wide, NSU has published the following policies: • Copyright and Patent • Use of Copyright-Protected Works in Education and Research • Copyright Guidelines for Electronic Course Reserves A.17 University Title IX/Sexual Misconduct Policy NSU’s Title IX/Sexual Misconduct Policy may be found online at, which is the most up-to-date version of the policy and related procedures. Additional information regarding the specific violations related to Title IX/Sexual Misconduct Policy can be found in Section C of this handbook. Please be advised that the policy and procedures on the Title IX website supersede any other version of this policy or related procedures. B. Specific Conduct Violations This section applies to all students. The term “students” includes any individual enrolled in a course or academic program offered by NSU, whether in a degree-seeking program or not, including during any periods of inactivity in enrollment, such as during leaves of absences, or during temporary lapses in registration. B.1 Alcoholic Beverages Failure to comply with the Alcoholic Beverages Policy (as included in Section A) is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: • possession of beverage(s) containing alcohol by any person younger than the age of 21, including residue or remnants of alcohol that may be found in glassware (including the presence of the aforementioned within a student’s room or contained within their possessions or vehicle)