College of Pharmacy Student Handbook 2023-2024

30 Nova Southeastern University Student Handbook student organization or maintaining a current one can be obtained by contacting the Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement at the Don Taft University Center, or online at With the exception of fraternities and sororities, the Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement grants final approval for the creation of student organizations. All student organizations are under the disciplinary jurisdiction of the Office of Student Conduct. All student organizations and groups are subject to the rules and policies of NSU, including, but not limited to, the NSU Student Handbook and the Policies and Procedures for Student Organizations. The right of a student organization, including a fraternity or a sorority, to exist at the university may be revoked by the university at any time. The policies and procedures for establishing a new fraternity or sorority on campus can be obtained by contacting the Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement, which grants approval for the establishment of all fraternal organizations on campus. Additional information regarding the policies for Greek organizations is available through the Fraternity and Sorority Life Manual. Sororities and fraternities may also be governed by a governing council—the Panhellenic Council (PC), the Collegiate Fraternal Council (CFC), or Unified Greek Council (UGC). The policies, governing constitutions, bylaws, rules, and regulations of these councils shall not conflict with the rules and policies of NSU. NSU rules and regulations supersede any conflicting rules or regulations. The Office of Student Conduct shall conduct a thorough investigation to determine whether a case involving a student organization will result in charges of violation(s) of the Code of Student Conduct and Academic Responsibility and whether those charges will be seen through either a judicial conference or a judicial hearing. Conduct actions relating to fraternity and sorority student organizations, however, may be addressed in accordance with the student conduct procedures detailed in the Fraternity and Sorority Life Manual, at the discretion of the dean of students. See Section D. University Disciplinary Procedures for details on how these cases will be adjudicated. Any organization determined to be responsible for violating the Code of Student Conduct and Academic Responsibility will be sanctioned in accordance with the violation. Sanctions imposed as a result of a fraternity or sorority student-run disciplinary panel must be consistent with the purpose of the applicable governing constitution and bylaws of the organization as well as NSU. Student organizations may appeal any disciplinary sanction imposed upon them. Procedures for an appeal can be found in Section D. University Disciplinary Procedures in this handbook. A.15 University Computer and Telecommunications Use Policy The following five sections detail NSU’s policy related to the use of computing and information technology resources, email, and the Internet. The information is available at Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources and All Other Policies NSU’s Acceptable Use Policy provides guidelines for the appropriate and inappropriate use of the computing and information technology resources of NSU and can be found at /oiit/policies/forms/information-security-acceptable-use-policy.pdf. This policy applies to all users of the university’s information technology resources, including students, faculty and staff members,