College of Pharmacy Student Handbook 2023-2024

18 Nova Southeastern University Student Handbook 5. W ith appropriate advance notice and approval, accommodations will be provided. The type of accommodation provided is within the discretion of the program, and may vary by course or program depending on the nature and type of educational activity in conflict. An absence for the observance of a work-restricted religious holiday does not relieve students from responsibility for any part of the coursework required during the period of the absence, and missed work remains the students’ responsibility to complete. It may not be possible to make up certain academic experiences, including, but not limited to, experiential group activities, as well as laboratory and clinical activities. Approved absences may extend program length or require repetition of a course. 6. It may not be possible to miss extensive periods of a scheduled academic class or experience (e.g., labs, residential institutes) due to the format of the program (e.g., weekends). Students should check the academic calendar prior to enrollment to determine whether they can meet the obligations of the program. 7. If a student’s request is approved and the student believes the respective college or program is not complying with this policy, and/or if a student has any questions about this policy, please contact the NSU dean of students at (954) 262-7281. NSU Interfaith Work-Restricted Religious Holiday Calendar NSU recognizes that there are additional religious holidays and observances beyond those identified in this calendar. However, the NSU University-Wide Religious Holidays Policy and calendar are limited to those religious holidays that have been recognized as work-restricted religious holidays. 2023: Sundown on Wed., April 5 through Sundown on Fri., April 7 2024: Sundown on Mon., April 22 through Sundown on Wed., April 24 2025: Sundown on Sat., April 12 through Sundown on Mon., April 14 First two (2) days of Passover Judaism 2023: Sundown on Tues., April 11 through Sundown on Thurs., April 13 2024: Sundown on Sun., April 28 through Sundown on Tues., April 30 2025: Sundown on Fri., April 18 through Sundown on Sun., April 20 Last two (2) days of Passover Judaism 2023: Sundown on Wed., July 26 through Sundown on Thurs., July 27 2024: Sundown on Mon., August 12 through Sundown on Tues., August 13 2025: Sundown on Sat., Aug. 2 through Sundown on Sun., Aug. 3 Tisha B’Av Judaism