College of Pharmacy Student Handbook 2023-2024

134 Barry and Judy Silverman College of Pharmacy 2023–2024 Behavioral Disciplinary Sanctions Reprimand A reprimand is an oral or written notification to the student that continuation of repetitive wrongful conduct may result in more severe disciplinary penalties. Whether the reprimand is oral or written, it is recommended that the student sign a document in which the reprimand is explained and a copy of the document be given to the student and placed in the student’s file. Disciplinary Probation Probation is defined as a trial period during which a student has the opportunity to demonstrate that the student can effectively cease behavioral misconduct. Disciplinary probation can be for the remainder of a current semester or may be for the remainder of the time the student is enrolled at the Silverman College of Pharmacy. While on disciplinary probation, the student is prohibited from (1) holding an elected position in any NSU class, student organization, club, or fraternity; (2) being elected to any honorary society; (3) registering for classes online via Self-Service Banner and must meet with an academic adviser at the student’s campus each semester to register manually; (4) registering for classes outside the required COP curriculum. Participation in any of the aforementioned activities by a student on probation is a violation of the probationary period. During disciplinary probation, the student must show appropriate behavioral, professional, and personal good conduct as defined in the conditions of the student’s probation. Additionally, the student is required to refrain from any further violation of the code and may be required to comply with any other requirements intended to rehabilitate the student. If, while on probation, the student violates the terms of the student’s probation, actions may be taken up to, and including, dismissal from the Silverman College of Pharmacy. A student is responsible for adhering to all laws, rules, or ethical codes that govern the pharmacy profession and its members of the Silverman College of Pharmacy. Once the student has corrected all behavioral deficiencies, the SPCC may recommend to the dean to remove the student from probation for behavioral reasons.