College of Pharmacy Student Handbook 2023-2024

126 Barry and Judy Silverman College of Pharmacy 2023–2024 3. Hearing Protocol and Process • The Appeals Committee hearing will proceed under the direction of the chair. • A quorum must be present to convene an official appeal hearing and will be constituted by a simple majority of the voting membership, including the chair (more than 50 percent of the committee members). • The chair will convene the hearing with only committee members present. • The chair will advise the committee members of the charge(s) and the dean’s decision, review the evidence, respond to any questions, and provide opportunity for any additional input from ex-officio members. • Summary notes of the hearing must be taken by the chair. • If present, witnesses will be called individually by the committee, introduced, and questioned. Witnesses, if any, may be present only during their testimony. Each witness will be housed in a separate waiting area to avoid any contact among witnesses or with the student. Witnesses may be asked to remain outside the hearing room for later recall or dismissed at the committee’s direction. • The committee will have the option of calling additional witnesses. • When all evidence has been heard and witnesses questioned, the chair will call the student into the hearing room. • The student will be present only during the student’s testimony and shall not be present during the questioning of any witnesses. • The chair will introduce the student to the committee. • The student will have an opportunity to present the student’s appeal, provide statements and evidence in defense of the alleged violation(s), summarize the student’s position, and respond to any questions from the committee. • The chair will then dismiss the student from the hearing. • The committee members will render a decision on the student’s appeal by a majority vote of the voting members in attendance. The committee may delay the vote if it determines additional information or facts are needed before a vote. • The chair will participate in the voting process only in the case of a tie or if the chair is counted to make quorum. 4. Notification of the Appeals Committee Decision The student will be notified of the Appeals Committee’s decision via the student’s NSU email account and certified mail to the student’s last-known address. This will be the final binding decision. No further option for appeal will be considered.