College of Pharmacy Student Handbook 2023-2024

106 Barry and Judy Silverman College of Pharmacy 2023–2024 accompanied by a completed Student Transaction Form with the last day of attendance in class noted. If approved, the student will receive a grade of W (withdrawal passing) or F (withdrawal failing) for each course, depending on the earned grade in each course at the time of the withdrawal. Failure to submit the letter and form may result in a failing grade for all courses registered for that term. The student also forgoes any tuition refund. Readmission Policy A student who is dismissed, withdraws, or fails to return after an approved leave of absence or administrative break in enrollment from the Silverman College of Pharmacy may not apply for readmission for a class starting less than 12 calendar months after the date of dismissal, withdrawal, or last date of attendance. The student may only reapply as a first-year student. To be considered for readmission, the candidate must provide adequate evidence that the conditions and/or factors that caused the prior dismissal or withdrawal have changed significantly, so that there is reasonable expectation that the applicant can perform satisfactorily if readmitted. Students withdrawn from NSU due to academic inactivity, and seeking readmission to their academic program, will be required to petition their specific college or academic program for readmission. Applicants for readmission must follow the same application procedure as any other entering student. The student’s prior academic records will remain part of the student’s overall academic record and will be recorded on the permanent transcript. Roster Reconciliation University policy requires that faculty members reconcile and validate the accuracy of their class rosters during the second week of the semester, as determined by the approved academic calendar, to confirm that each registered student is attending class. Each course coordinator will require students to communicate their attendance in the course either via an attendance roster and/or an assignment. Students deemed as a nonattendee will be dropped from the class roster by the Office of the University Registrar. Students who believe they were reported in error as nonattendees must communicate with the instructor, who is the only one able to correct the record. Faculty members must email to request a student be left on the class roster who was originally reported as not in attendance. Attending Class at a Different Campus Students wishing to attend classes at a campus other than their home campus must have prior approval from the Office of Student Affairs/Services designee at their home campus and the host campus. The request must be submitted to the Student Affairs/Services designee at the home campus, in writing, at least two business days (excluding school holidays and weekends) in advance of the date of attendance at a host campus. If approved, the course coordinator and Office of Student Affairs/Services designee at the host campus will be notified by the Office of Student Affairs/Services designee at the home campus.