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COM Outlook . Spring 2014
Alumni Association Fund Honor Roll
In the spring of 1999, NSU-COM launched an alumni-based fund-raising effort to generate dollars that would be used to
create an endowment fund to reduce future tuition costs for NSU-COM students and produce a funding pool that would
be utilized for discretionary purposes as determined by the Alumni Association Executive Committee. Every effort has been
made to ensure the accuracy of the following list of donors; however, if you notice an error or omission, please contact
Lynne Cawley
in the Office of Alumni Affairs at
(954) 262-1029
2014 Donors
250 Club ($250 - $499)
Mr. Dominic Bortot
(in memory of Victor Bortot)
Dr. Barry Karpel (’89)
Dr. Karen Oldano (’89)
Dr. Mallard Owen
Mr. Richard Ascher
Dr. Steven Beljic (’95)
Drs. Joel and Elizabeth Biggers (both ’06)
Broward Coalition on Aging, Inc.
Dr. Terry Carstensen (’97)
Dr. Ronnie Derrwaldt (’99)
Dr. Benjamin DiJoseph (’94)
Mr. Paul Foo Foo/Salomom Foundation
Ms. Diana Graves (’86)
Dr. Mayrene Hernandez (’01)/Broward
County Osteopathic Medical Association
(in memory of Julian Blitz)
Dr. Cheryl Kohn (’04)
Dr. Michael MacDonald (’90)
Dr. Gladys Martinez (’90)
Ms. Deborah Meline (pledge)
Dr. Joseph Morelos (’97)
Ms. Brenda Roberts
Dr. Jill Ross (’07)
Dr. Paul Schneider/Michigan Osteo Assoc.
Century Club ($100 - $249)
Founder’s Circle
Mr. Ronald Assaf
Doctor’s Hosp. Foundation/Dr. Howard Neer
Dr. Jeffrey Grove (’90) (pledge)
NSU-COM Society
($10,000 - $24,999)
Broward College Foundation
Dean’s Council
($2,500 - $4,999)
Dr. Jamal Haddad (’91)
Dr. Glenn Moran (’88)
Chancellor’s Council
($5,000 - $9,999)
Dr. Jack Goloff (’85)
Dr. George Linsey
Medical Help Family Practice, Inc.
Ms. Debbie Milam
Mr. William Oberlink
Barry and Judy Silverman Foundation
Dr. Elaine Wallace (pledge)
Mr. Frank Zappala
Clock Tower Society
($1,000 - $2,499)
Dr. Leonardo Cisneros (’96)
Drs. Chad Frank and Yasmin Qureshi Frank
Ms. Ashley Sharp
Dr. Albert Whitehead (pledge)
Ms. Carol Adlestein
(in memory of Julian Blitz)
Howard and Eleanor Bloch
Dr. Donnell Bowen (’07)
Dr. David Buczkowske (’12)
Dr. David Cislo (’88)
Dr. Sruthi Devarinti (’13)
Ms. Betty Friedman
Dr. Sylvan Goldin
(in memory of Julian Blitz)
Dr. Robert Hand
(in memory of Julian Blitz)
Mr. Kenneth Hurewitz
Dr. Aaron Klein (’01)
Ms. Suzanne McKellips
(in memory of Julian Blitz)
Ms. Linda Maurice
Ms. Janice Orlando
Ms. Alaine Perry
Ms. Anne Quinn
Dr. Lincoln Ropp (’12)
Dr. Paul Smith (’07)
Dr. JoAnna Vanvleet (’04)
Ms. Lisa Wintter
(in memory of Julian Blitz)
Friends/Young Alumni
(up to $99)
Dr. Todd Silberstein (’96)
Mr. Neal Sonnett
Dr. Joseph Spaulding (’98)
Ms. Susan Talpins
Mr. Robert Tischenkel
500 Club ($500 - $999)
Dr. Michael P. Heid (’93)
Ms. Cynthia Hill
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