PCHCS Student Handbook 2024-2025

Nova Southeastern University Student Handbook 35 will be subject to the corresponding disciplinary procedures (refer to the Code of Student Conduct and Academic Responsibility found on the NSU Student Handbook; the Employee Policy Manual; and/ or the NSU University School Handbook) based on their role. Other individuals may be removed from NSU and/or subject to criminal trespass for violating this policy. A person may enter an exclusive-use restroom or changing facility designated for a different sex only when • the person is a parent, guardian, relative, or caregiver aiding or chaperoning a child under the age of 12, an elderly person, or a person with a disability • the person is a law enforcement officer or government official/representative for regulatory purposes • the person is an emergency medical assistance worker, or someone is needed to intervene in any emergency • the person is a staff member/worker doing custodial work, maintenance, or an inspection when the exclusive-use restroom or changing facility is not in use • the designated exclusive-use restroom or changing facility, matching an individual’s sex, is out of order or under repair and another designated exclusive-use restroom or changing facility is not occupied by a person of that sex If an individual observes someone entering an exclusive-use restroom or changing facility designated for a different sex, the individual may report their concern to the NSU Public Safety Department at (954) 262-8999. Individuals who believe NSU is not compliant with Florida Statute § 553.865 may report it to the Florida attorney general. B. Specific Conduct Violations This section applies to all students. The term “students” includes any individual enrolled in a course or academic program offered by NSU, whether in a degree-seeking program or not, including during any periods of inactivity in enrollment, such as during leaves of absences, or during temporary lapses in registration. Students may be held accountable through this code when a violation is reported, regardless of whether such act occurred on or off campus or in connection with an NSU-sponsored or affiliated event. B.1 Alcoholic Beverages Failure to comply with the Alcoholic Beverages Policy (as included in Section A) is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: • possession of beverage(s) containing alcohol by any person younger than the age of 21, including residue or remnants of alcohol that may be found in glassware (including the presence of the aforementioned within a student’s room or contained within their possessions or vehicle) • consumption or use of alcohol by any person younger than the age of 21 • intoxication requiring evaluation and/or treatment by emergency personnel