PCHCS Student Handbook 2024-2025

Nova Southeastern University Student Handbook 17 for the academic year in which the student is seeking readmission. While this policy is intended to set forth the maximum period of academic inactivity, colleges and academic programs are permitted to adopt more stringent standards, i.e., shorter time periods of inactivity that will lead to withdrawal. Students should consult with their college or academic program for additional information about the maximum period of academic inactivity applicable to their course of study. Conduct Standards Students should not interfere with the rights, safety, or health of members of the university community nor interfere with other students’ right to learn. Students are expected to abide by all university, center, and program rules and regulations and all local, state, and federal laws. Students are responsible for adherence to the university’s code of conduct and all university policies and procedures at all times, regardless of whether such conduct occurs on or off campus, or in connection with an NSU-sponsored or affiliated event. Additional information about specific violations of the Code of Student Conduct and Academic Responsibility is included in this handbook, under section B. Specific Conduct Violations. NSU University-Wide Religious Holiday Policy NSU, although a secular institution, values the diversity of its student body, including diversity in religious expression. NSU recognizes that the religious diversity of its students may result in potential conflicts between work-restricted religious high holidays and educational activities such as classes or scheduled examinations. NSU seeks to accommodate students with personal religious beliefs who wish to observe work-restricted religious holidays. The following provisions apply to all faiths and religious groups equally: 1. This policy applies to all NSU students. 2. S tudents will not be penalized for approved class absences due to work-restricted religious holidays. This policy does not apply to required attendance in the clinical care setting. 3. The university has developed an interfaith calendar that can be found online at nova.edu /studentconduct/religious-holiday-policy.html, which includes the recognized work-restricted religious holidays that have been approved by NSU. The calendar is published annually at least one month prior to the start of the fall semester. Approved absence requests for additional workrestricted religious holidays that are not included on the NSU interfaith calendar should be directed to the NSU dean of students at (954) 262-7281, who will evaluate the request, determine whether such religious accommodation will be approved, and notify the student and college/program of the outcome. 4. A student with a personal religious belief, requesting to be excused from class or an educational activity for a work-restricted religious holiday, shall notify the NSU dean of students at bj379@nova.edu or (954) 262-7281 within three calendar days after the start of the semester. NSU may request documentation or information from the student’s religious institution in order to establish a legitimate need for accommodation. Absences for travel associated with religious observances are not deemed approved absences for purposes of this policy. A student’s absence request for a work-restricted religious holiday will not be approved if the student fails to provide requisite notice for the absence request and/or provide requisite documentation. The failure to obtain approval for an absence may result in a penalty from the college or program.