PCHCS Handbook 2023-2024

Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences (PCHCS)—Department of Health Science 2023–2024 186 • While matriculating through the B.S.—MS/M.H.Sc., each student is permitted to remediate two core courses. A student will be allowed to sit for only one remediation examination per course. • Students in the B.S.—MS/M.H.Sc. program also take courses online. These courses do not offer remediation. A failure in one of the online courses means the course will need to be repeated at additional cost to the student and may delay graduation from the program. A student with one or more course failures will be referred to the CSP and may be dismissed from the program. • A student who is dismissed on the basis of inadequate academic performance who wishes to reenroll in the program will be required to reapply to the program to be considered for admission. The application will be treated in the same manner as a first-time applicant, under the admissions standards applicable to the next entering class. Any student who is readmitted to the program will be considered a first-time applicant for the purposes of coursework and must repeat all required coursework, including any courses completed previously, and will incur all course charges and expenses accordingly. • Clinical externship courses cannot be remediated. If course requirements for that semester of clinical externship are not met by the end of the term, the externship may be extended as appropriate until satisfied, as determined by the program director. If upon completion of the extension period, the clinical requirements have still not been satisfied, the student will receive a failing grade for that course, will be referred to the CSP, and may be dismissed from the program. • Students without documented achievement of required clinical competencies and the minimum number of procedures and type of procedures established by the program will be required to extend their clinical externship as appropriate until those requirements are satisfied. • Official records or electronic equivalent used to document the progression of learning and achievements must include name, credentials, and signature of the supervising sonographer. If a clinical preceptor, mentor, supervisor, or lab director requests that a student be removed from a clinical site, the student will be automatically suspended from the clinical site pending a decision by the program director whether or not to refer the student to the CSP and/or pending a hearing by the CSP, which may result in course failure and/or dismissal from the program for academic performance and/or unprofessional conduct (even without any prior failure on record). The student will not be placed at another clinical site pending the outcome of the CSP referral and final decision of the department chair. NSU medical sonography students are not allowed to be employed as sonographers before completing the requirements and graduating from the program. Students who are dismissed from the program on the basis of unprofessional conduct will not be considered for reenrollment in the program. All guidelines regarding academic honesty, cheating, attendance, and professionalism apply to the clinical externship courses.