PCHCS Student Handbook 2024-2025

Nova Southeastern University Student Handbook 3 In lieu of, or in addition to, disciplinary action, NSU also reserves the right to impose fines, take legal action, rescind housing privileges, revoke study abroad privileges, withhold student records, revoke other privileges, and impose other penalties as may be deemed appropriate. Students should also be aware that disciplinary action may impact eligibility for scholarships or other institutional financial aid. Furthermore, admission of a student to NSU for any semester does not imply or guarantee that such student will be reenrolled in any succeeding academic semester. Students may also be subject to disciplinary proceedings for acts committed before their admission and/or enrollment at NSU. Reservation of Power The NSU Student Handbook is not intended to be a contract or part of a contractual agreement between NSU and the student. From time to time, it may be advisable for the university to alter or amend its procedures or policies. Reasonable notice may be furnished to the university community of any substantive changes, but is not required. Whenever specific titles are used in these procedures, they shall include the appropriate designee of the person bearing these titles. Whenever references to the singular appear in this handbook, the plural is also intended; whenever the plural is used, the singular is also intended. Wherever a reference is made to the masculine gender, the feminine gender is included. Failure to read this handbook does not excuse students from the rules, policies, and procedures contained within the student handbook. The rights and responsibilities that follow take effect immediately upon publication of this document.