PCHCS Handbook 2023-2024

Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences (PCHCS) 2023–2024 115 Academic Standing Transcripts Each student’s academic achievement is reviewed each semester and a transcript is sent to the student, the department chair or program director, the dean’s office, and the financial aid office, where applicable. The transcript includes 1. grades earned 2. deficiencies (incompletes, failures, probation, etc.) 3. semester GPA and cumulative GPA 4. honors (President’s List, etc.) 5. withdrawals Course Failures Failing any course, didactic or fieldwork, will result in the matter being referred to the program’s Committee on Student Progress (CSP) andmay lead to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal. In some programs, one or more courses may be designated as prerequisite or core competency coursework and critical for successful completion of the curriculum such that failure of a single prerequisite or core competency course may lead to dismissal. Course failures that require retakes may significantly extend the length of the program of study or require the student to withdraw from the program until the course is offered again. Students may be charged additional tuition for repeated courses. Students who are appealing a course failure will continue to attend didactic courses in the term following the course failure until all appeals are resolved. A student will only be permitted to participate in a clinical rotation experience after successful completion of all required coursework up to that point. Failure to pass any of the didactic components or their remediations may lengthen the student’s time in the program, delay graduation, or result in dismissal from the program. Further, a student who appeals course failures may not be allowed to begin any clinical rotation during the appeal process. Academic Withdrawal from a Course/Program A student may withdraw from a course or program of study with consultation and approval of the adviser and program director and/or department chair. A grade or notation of W will appear on the student’s transcript. Students on clinical placement, rotation, or internship require prior approval from the program director and/or department chair to withdraw from placement. Withdrawal from a clinical site may significantly extend the length of the program of study. In making the request, the student understands that the student may not be eligible to return to the program before the next academic year and may be required to meet specified conditions prior to being permitted to return to the program. The failure to meet such specified conditions may result in the student’s dismissal from the program.