CHCS Student Handbook 2018-2019

Health Professions Division 2018–2019 79 Return of University Property Any Health Professions Division or university property issued to you must be returned at the time of your dismissal or graduation, or whenever it is requested by administration, the department in control of the item, or the program. You are responsible to pay for any lost or damaged items. The value of any property issued and not returned may be charged to your financial account, and you may be required to deal with the bursar’s office for this purpose. Also, diplomas will be withheld for any outstanding financial obligation. Security Checks The university, the Health Professions Division, Public Safety Department/Davie Police, or community police departments may exercise the right to inspect all packages and parcels entering and leaving our premises to ensure the safety and physical integrity of the building and the premises. Please cooperate with security in providing this service and important function. Social Events and Extracurricular Activities All extracurricular activities by division-recognized organizations, on campus and off campus, must be approved in advance by that specific college’s Office of Student Affairs/Office of Student Activities. A student or group of students may not officially represent the division or the university, on or off campus, at any time without prior authorization in written form. All events sponsored by student body groups must receive prior approval from the specific college’s Office of Student Affairs/Office of Student Activities and faculty advisers affiliated with the group. Requests for permission for speakers, student meetings, and other activities on campus should be made on the student activities request form at least two weeks in advance. The specific college’s Office of Student Affairs/Office of Student Activities must approve activities before the Manager of Events and Academic Support Systems can assign a room, and no meeting announcements may be made until approval is received. At that time, a specific room will be assigned for the function. No announcements can be posted unless authorization is given. Student Assistance Program As a condition of enrollment in the Health Professions Division (HPD) of Nova Southeastern University (NSU), all students agree to abide by university standards concerning: 1) Drug-Free Schools and Campuses and 2) Drug Policy. The objective of the Student Assistance Program is to assist students in need of substance abuse services in order to: 1) protect the public welfare and 2) encourage those students to pursue a life of recovery so that they may regain and maintain physical and psychological health, as well as academic success within the HPD. Any student enrolled in HPD in need of substance abuse services is encouraged to voluntarily seek such assistance, with their respective college’s Office of Student Affairs. The Student Assistance Program is a nondisciplinary student resource. However, in cases of suspected substance abuse, intoxication, influence or impairment, a student may be referred by their college to the Student Assistance Program in order to initiate an investigation. A Student Assistance Program investigation may include drug/alcohol screen(s), or, assessment, evaluation and/or treatment for substance abuse-related issues. All drug screen(s), assessment(s), evaluation(s), and/or treatment for substance abuse-related issues