CHCS Student Handbook 2018-2019

20 Nova Southeastern University Student Handbook • Within reason, the university will make accommodations to the infected person, whenever possible, to ensure continuity in the classroom. • No infected student may be dismissed from the university solely on the basis of a diagnosis of an infection of a contagious disease. A decision to dismiss or discharge will only be made after reasonable accommodation has been attempted, and an examination of facts demonstrates that the infected person can no longer perform essential requirements of the position or program, with or without a reasonable accommodation, or poses a reasonable threat to the health and safety of others. In the event that a student has a concern about the potential for the spread of a communicable disease within the university community, those concerns should be brought to the Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs for review consistent with the current available information on the spread of the particular communicable disease. After review and evaluation of the concerns, if there appears to be a reasonable likelihood of the spread of the disease within the university community by an infected person, the Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs will, after notification of the issues presented to the university president, contact the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and/or Broward Health Department for recommendations of appropriate action consistent with state law. A.5 Holds on Student Records A Bursar Hold is placed on a student’s account on the 30th day of the semester if a balance is still due. The Bursar Hold prevents students from obtaining grades, registering for classes, and accessing the university’s RecPlex until the balance is paid in full. Other university entities, such as the Office of the University Registrar and the Office of Student Conduct, may place a hold on your account for different reasons. Please contact the office that initiated the hold (as displayed on your account on WebSTAR) to discuss what requirements must be met to have the hold removed. A.6 Indebtedness to the University By registering for courses at Nova Southeastern University, the student accepts financial responsibility for payment of all institutional costs including, but not limited to, tuition, fees, housing, and meal plan (if applicable), health insurance (if applicable), and any additional costs when those charges become due. Payment is due in full at the time of registration. NSU ebills are sent the middle of each month to the student’s NSU email address. However, to avoid late charges, students should not wait for their billing statement to pay their tuition and fees. A student will not be able to register for future semesters until all outstanding balances from previous semesters have been paid in full. If a student has a balance 30 days after the start of the semester, a hold and a $100 late fee will be placed on his or her account. This hold stops all student services, including, but not limited to, access to the NSU RecPlex, academic credentials, grades, and future registrations. It will remain on the student’s account until the balance has been paid in full. Delinquent student account balances may be reported to a credit bureau and referred to collection agencies or litigated. Students with delinquent accounts will be liable for any costs associated with the collection of unpaid charges, including attorney fees and court costs. All registration agreements shall be construed in accordance with Florida law, and any lawsuit to collect unpaid fees may be brought in the appropriate court sitting in Broward County, Florida, regardless of the student’s domicile. Information regarding payment plans, tuition assistance plans, refunds, and other frequently asked questions are available through the Office of the University Bursar’s website .