CHCS Student Handbook 2018-2019

16 Nova Southeastern University Student Handbook screening individual has the option to decline identification provided by an individual. The entire staff working the event has the right to refuse service to individuals deemed as having had enough alcohol before or during the event. • Under no circumstances should anyone be coerced to drink alcohol. All drinking games, contests, or events that encourage excessive drinking are prohibited. The sponsoring organization is responsible for ensuring that all NSU policies and procedures are strictly obeyed. • It shall be at the discretion of the Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs whether to make arrangements and pay for any security needs necessary based on the specifics of the event and the number of estimated attendees. • Violations of these guidelines during the event may result in the closing of the event. All individual violations will be referred to the Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs for review. The university can take disciplinary actions as a result of violations of these guidelines. A.2 Appropriate Conduct and Consensual Relationships Policy Romantic or sexual relationships between a faculty member and a student then enrolled in the faculty member’s class (including supervised student activities for which academic credit is given) may appear to be coercive and are prohibited. Even when no coercion is present, such relationships create an appearance of impropriety and favoritism, which can impair the academic experience of all students in that class. It is, therefore, improper conduct and prohibited for a faculty member to engage in a romantic or sexual relationship with a student then enrolled in the faculty member’s class. In addition, sexual relationships between an NSU faculty or staff member or an administrator and a student— who are not married to each other, or who do not have a preexisting analogous relationship—is inappropriate whenever the NSU faculty or staff member or administrator has or will have a professional responsibility for the student in such matters as teaching a course or in otherwise evaluating, supervising, or advising a student as part of a school program. An NSU faculty or staff member or administrator who is closely related to a student by blood or marriage, or who has a preexisting analogous relationship with a student, should eschew roles involving a professional responsibility for the student. See Sexual Harassment policy for full text. A.3 Drug-Free Schools and Campuses In order to comply with the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act (Pub. L. No. 101-226, Title 34 C.F.R., part 86), Nova Southeastern University has adopted the following policy for all academic units, campus, and field-based programs. The unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession, or use of illicit drugs* and alcohol are prohibited, in and on, Nova Southeastern University owned or controlled property and as a part of any of its activities. No Nova Southeastern University student shall report to school while under the influence of any illicit drugs or alcohol. The possession of paraphernalia for unlawful drug use is also prohibited. * The term “illicit drugs” refers to all illegal drugs and to legal drugs obtained or used without a physician’s order. It does not prohibit the use of prescribed medication under the direction of a physician. However, in accordance with Federal law, NSU does not permit the possession or use of marijuana on NSU property or during NSU-sponsored activities for any purpose. As such, the possession or use of medical marijuana, even if authorized under state law, is prohibited on NSU property and during NSU-sponsored activities.