CHCS Student Handbook 2018-2019

Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences—Department of Speech-Language Pathology 2018–2019 215 master’s degree program. No more than nine semester hours of credit may be transferred into the M.S.-SLP. In order to be considered for transfer credit, a grade equivalent of 3.0 or better must have been recorded on the student’s transcript for each course. No clinical course credits will be transferred. Credits earned at Nova Southeastern University are transferable only at the discretion of the receiving school. Students who wish to transfer credit should contact the admissions office of the receiving school for information. Program Requirements Regarding the SLP Praxis Examination and Capstone 1. Students must take SLP 6200 Capstone with the first externship semester. Exceptions to this course sequence must be requested by the student and approved in writing by the program director or his or her designee. 2. Students must pass Capstone before taking the Praxis. Students taking the Praxis without having successfully completed Capstone will be referred to the Committee on Student Progress (CSP) for review for disciplinary sanctions. In addition, they will be required to fulfill the Capstone course requirement. 3. Students must pass Capstone in order to graduate. Students who do not pass Capstone on the first attempt must repeat it. This may delay completion of the program. Students have a maximum of three attempts to pass Capstone. Students who are unable to pass Capstone after three attempts will be dismissed from the program. 4. Praxis scores must be received by M.S.-SLP in order for students to graduate. 5. Students must register for the Praxis using the process described in the Capstone course and must take the Praxis as directed by their course instructor. 6. Students who are required to take the Praxis prior to their scheduled time as a condition of employment must provide official documentation of that requirement to program administration at least two semesters prior to externship I. Course Load and Program Completion Time Line The M.S.-SLP may be completed in 8 terms/semesters, but the program expectation is to complete the program within 12 terms/semesters. Students must complete the program within 6 years. Students who are unable to complete all degree or program requirements within the established time frame will be dismissed from the program. Note: Full-time graduate study is 6 credits per term. Clinical credits are each equivalent to full-time status. Computer Requirements The M.S.-SLP uses the Canvas platform for all courses and for submission of all coursework. Therefore, the following is a MINIMUM requirement for the M.S.-SLP: 1. PC or Macintosh, 2 GHz minimum processor If Macintosh, the computer must be able to run select Windows programs. This will require a program such as Parallels, Boot Camp, or equivalent and a Windows operating system. (NOTE: Macs post 2012 have the ability to dual boot Windows with Boot Camp.)