CHCS Student Handbook 2018-2019

206 Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences—Department of Physician Assistant 2018–2019 Any student who is readmitted to the program will be considered a first-time student for the purposes of coursework and must repeat all required coursework, including courses completed previously. Incomplete Coursework The course director will determine the method by which an incomplete grade will be converted to an earned grade. When a student fails to complete all the requirements of a course or clinical rotation, the student shall receive a grade of I (incomplete). A change from an incomplete to an earned grade must occur within 90 days of having received the incomplete grade or the student’s grade will be converted to an F . Clinical Rotations The clinical year of the program is devoted to hands-on training in clinical rotations. The clinical year consists of nine required rotations: seven core rotations and two elective rotations. PA students on clinical rotations must maintain a functional cell phone at all times at the student’s expense. Clinical rotations will likely entail traveling within a 100-mile radius of Jacksonville. For core rotations assigned by the program outside of the 100-mile radius, housing will be provided for the students at the college’s expense. During the clinical year, PA students will be required to document clinical experiences via a web-based program. Students may elect to print out hard copies of the tracking tables and hand write these clinical experiences for input into the web-based program at each day’s end, or they may elect to purchase an IBM-compatible laptop in order to electronically track the clinical experiences. All students will be given training on using the tracking software. To facilitate communications, PA students must provide the PA Program with their cell phone number and inform the program in advance of any changes. Students must comply with all policies and procedures of both the clinical sites and NSU. Additional Specific Policies Students will receive the department’s academic and clinical year handbook that will cover respectively all policies, procedures, courses, and rotations appropriate for the curriculum. These handbooks provide more specifics for guidance and governance of the students while in the program. The Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences Student Handbook supersedes the Jacksonville PA program handbooks if there are direct conflicts, although the program’s handbooks may be more strict and/or detailed.