CHCS Student Handbook 2018-2019

196 Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences—Department of Physical Therapy 2018–2019 Academic Promotion The progress of each doctoral student through the curriculum requires continuous, satisfactory academic performance. Students in the T-D.P.T. program who fail a course have one opportunity to repeat the course. If students elect to repeat the course, they are required to register and pay for the course the next time it is offered, and must complete it with an 80 percent or higher in order to continue in the program. A second course failure may result in dismissal from the program. Students in the Ph.D. program who fail a course may be dismissed from the program. Incomplete Coursework A grade of incomplete ( I ) is issued only in cases of unexpected personal or professional emergencies, and must be made up within one term (or sooner) of the final class meeting of the course, as stipulated by the instructor. If the incomplete grade ( I ) is not made up accordingly, it will be converted into a failing grade ( F ). Courses that are only offered once per calendar year must be completed the next time the course is offered. Students must request any extension to complete course work, in writing, from the course instructor with a copy to the program director. A grade of I can only be assigned if 50 percent or more of the coursework has been completed. If the extension is approved by the program director, the student must complete and submit an Incomplete Grade Agreement Form via email to the course instructor prior to the end of the course. The subject line of the email must include the student’s name and Incomplete Grade Agreement. The instructor will not accept assignments received after the date indicated on the agreement, and the students’ grade will be assigned according to the work the student completed by the end of the course. A grade of I can only be assigned if 50 percent or more of the coursework has been completed. Incomplete grades that have not been changed by the official date in this agreement will be converted to an F . Students requesting extensions due to medical or military reasons are expected to provide official documentation. Withdrawal from a Course (The following is the controlling policy for the Ph.D. and T-D.P.T. programs only.) The program adheres to the HPD tuition credit policy. Comprehensive Examination The Ph.D. student will be allowed to take the comprehensive examination after completion of all required courses or earlier with permission from the program director. A student must pass the examination before officially entering the dissertation phase. Failure to successfully pass all components of the comprehensive exam after three attempts will result in dismissal from the program. Dissertation The Ph.D. students are expected to conduct individual research, successfully defend their dissertation before a dissertation committee, and have verification of presentation or publication. Process and requirements are detailed in the Dissertation Guide .