CHCS Student Handbook 2018-2019

192 Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences—Department of Physical Therapy 2018–2019 Professional D.P.T. Program—Tampa Academic Progression In the Professional D.P.T. Program—Tampa, students must pass each psychomotor exam with a 75 percent or higher in order to pass the class. A psychomotor exam is defined as any test of physical skills including skills checks, practical exams, and triple-jump exams. Students will have one opportunity to retake each psychomotor exam. Retake exams will be scheduled at the discretion of the instructor. Retake exam scores greater than or equal to 75 percent will be recorded as a 75 percent in the course grade book for that exam. Students with a pattern of having to retake psychomotor examinations may be asked to meet with the Program Director or the Committee on Student Progress for guidance and advisement. Should a student be unsuccessful on any retake practical exam, he or she will fail the course and will follow the college/department policies for course remediation. Professional D.P.T. Program—Tampa Student Dress Code Students must maintain a neat and clean appearance befitting students attending a professional program. Therefore, attire should convey a professional appearance whenever the student is on campus or at any off-campus educational site. The dress code is to be maintained at all times during school hours. Additionally, the dress code is applicable during class hours on all weekend institutes, but not during the evenings or non-weekend institute times. Those failing to comply may be dismissed from the classroom and/or campus. A written warning describing the infraction will be entered into the student’s file. When in PT Lab classes, students are to wear the NSU PT T-shirts (those sold by the NSU Bookstore and those sold by the SPTA) and navy blue shorts (NSU Shorts or basketball-type shorts that have an elastic waist and are no shorter than 2 inches above the knee). Female students are expected to wear athletic bras under their PT shirts. When students are in non-lab courses, they should wear professional dress. If students have lab for a portion of the day, they can keep their lab uniform on throughout the day (assuming it is clean) unless there is a guest speaker in the didactic course. Students must wear their SharkCard on campus . The following constitutes acceptable and professional attire: • white clinical jackets when requested by instructor • shirts, ties, slacks, and regular shoes for men • professional business dress: slacks, pants, or skirts with blouses, dresses, close-toed shoes for women • grey scrub sets ONLY when in the cadaver lab at St. Petersburg College or in performing dissections • during Integrated Patient Experiences (IPE), students must wear an NSU Polo shirt (collared) and/or a white lab jacket per the instructor’s directions On-Campus Institutes for Professional D.P.T. Students The Professional D.P.T.—Tampa Program is a blend of online and face-to-face classes. Weekend institutes are four days per month, and the focus of these institutes is on application of learning and psychomotor