CHCS Student Handbook 2018-2019

190 Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences—Department of Physical Therapy 2018–2019 Information regarding the calculation and disposition of a student’s final course grade is found in each course syllabus. At midterm, students will receive a midterm memo if the midterm course grade is less than 75 percent ( C or better). Students must follow the program policies for responding to the midterm memo and seek assistance from the course instructor and faculty adviser. A final course grade of less than 75 percent in any given course will constitute a course failure. Students who are eligible will take a comprehensive remediation exam for the failed course three–five days after receiving notice of the failure. Following a successful remediation exam, the final grade for that course will be recorded as C (E) to indicate that the course was passed via remediation. Students who fail a course and/or the remediation examination will be sent to the Committee on Student Progress (CSP) and may be dismissed. While matriculating through the D.P.T. program, each student is permitted to remediate a total of two didactic courses. Since a student who receives a final course grade of F in any course is not allowed to progress to the succeeding semester, he or she must successfully remediate the first course failure to be granted the opportunity to remediate a second course failure. A student will be allowed to sit for only one remediation examination per course. Students who fail a clinical internship may be given one opportunity to retake the internship at a time and place determined by the director of clinical education (DCE). Students who fail a clinical internship will be sent to the CSP. If a student fails a clinical internship a second time, he or she may be dismissed from the program. A student who is dismissed based on inadequate academic performance or unprofessional conduct will be required to reapply to the program to be considered for readmission under the admissions standards applicable to the next class. Incomplete Coursework Contingent upon approval by the program director, a student who fails to complete all the requirements of a course because of documented medical reasons or extenuating personal circumstances may receive a grade of incomplete ( I ). An incomplete will be changed to an earned grade upon the student’s satisfactory completion of the course requirements. A change from an incomplete to an earned grade must occur prior to the end of the next semester or the course grade will be converted to an F and the student will be dismissed from the program. Exceptions to this rule may be considered in cases in which the course is not offered the following semester or a medical leave is granted for more than one semester. Attendance Attendance is mandatory for all scheduled instructional sessions and curricular activities. Conferences and Community Service Requirements All D.P.T. students are required to attend district, state, and national conferences or meetings as determined by the program director. In addition, they must participate in service-learning activities organized by the program. Failure to complete these requirements may impact the student’s graduation date. Submission of Assignments Any assignment submitted after the assignment deadline will be subject to a percentage point deduction off the assignment grade and/or the final class grade as outlined in the course syllabus.