CHCS Student Handbook 2018-2019

Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences—Department of Health Science 2018–2019 171 (withdrawal) or WP (withdrawal passing) will be recorded. The grade of W or WP will be replaced by an earned grade only if the student retakes the course. Unofficial, late, or poor standing withdrawals may result in a grade of WF (withdrawal failing) or unearned F . Grading Policies and Procedures Grading for the P.h.D. in Health Science program is based on pass/fail. P Pass (80 percent or above) F Fail (below 80 percent) I Incomplete PR Progress Retake Policy, Student Progress, Academic Probation, and Dismissal If a required course is failed, the student must repeat the course at its next regularly scheduled offering. Additional tuition will be charged for repeated courses. A student who has experienced one course failure may be placed on academic probation. A student with two or more course failures while in the Ph.D. in Health Science program may be dismissed from the program. Any course failed on first taking will be considered a course failure. Passing a course through retake does not negate the original failure for purposes of retention in the program. See the policies and procedures regarding Student Progress Committee and Student Appeals in the college section of this handbook. Incomplete Coursework A grade of Incomplete ( I ) is issued because of unexpected emergencies and must be made up within one term following courses that are excluded from this policy. Students requesting extensions of the 30 day period due to medical or military reasons are expected to provide official documentation. If the incomplete grade is not made up accordingly, it will be converted into a failing grade ( F ). Courses that are offered only once per calendar year must be completed by the end of the following calendar year. Students must request any extension, in writing, from the course instructor, with a copy to the program director. See the procedures on Incomplete Coursework in the Department of Health Science section of this handbook. HSP 9007 Research Practicum is a Ph.D. program exception to the incomplete coursework policy. Students, who do complete HSP 9007 in the required 16 weeks, must enroll in HSP 9010 Research Practicum Continued. A grade of In Progress ( PR ) will be transcribed for HSP 9007. A charge of 2 credits for continuing services will be made for HSP 9010 to maintain students’ full time status in the program. Students who successfully complete HSP 9010 in one semester will pass HSP 9010 and the HSP 9007 in progress grade will be converted to Pass ( P ). Students who do not successfully complete HSP 9010 in one semester will fail HSP 9010 and the HSP 9007 in progress grade will be converted to Fail ( F ). Students who failed HSP 9007 and HSP 9010 will be counted as two course failures in the Ph.D. program. Any such student will be referred to the Committee on Student Progress for disposition, which may result in dismissal from the program. See the Committee on Student Progress procedures in the college section of this handbook. Students who are dismissed from the program may appeal the decision of the dismissal. See the procedures on Student Appeals in the college section of this handbook.