CHCS Student Handbook 2018-2019

Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences—Department of Health Science 2018–2019 169 Dress Code When on an NSU campus attending residential institutes, D.H.Sc. students will follow the dress code identified in the Department of Health Science section of this handbook. Grading Policies and Procedures Grading for the Doctor of Health Science Program is based on pass/fail. P Pass (80 percent or above) F Fail (Below 80 percent) I Incomplete Retake Policy, Student Progress, Academic Probation, and Dismissal If a required course is failed, the student must repeat the course at its next regularly scheduled offering. Additional tuition will be charged for repeated courses. A student who has experienced one course failure may be placed on academic probation. A student with two or more course failures while in the Doctor of Health Science Program may be dismissed from the program. Any course failed on first taking will be considered a course failure. Passing a course through retake does not negate the original failure for purposes of retention in the program. The procedures and deliberative bodies that implement this policy are those described in the college section of this handbook that discusses student progress. Credit Transfer Students matriculated in the D.H.Sc. program may petition for transfer of up to 8 credits to meet Core Block One, Core Block Two, or elective course requirements. Courses considered for transfer must be from a regionally accredited university and identified clearly as doctoral-level courses by the sponsoring university. Courses taken at the master’s degree-level are not transferable. If a transferred course will replace a required course, the transferred course must fully meet the goals and objectives of the NSU D.H.Sc. course in question. Online Student Center All students are required to visit the online student center at least once a week. All communication and programmatic information will be posted in the online student center. Doctor of Philosophy in Health Science (Ph.D.) Program Because the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Health Science Program is delivered in distance format, not all of the policies contained in this handbook are applicable to Ph.D. students. Policies that are not covered in this section are addressed in previous sections of the handbook. The following policies are specific to students in the Doctor of Philosophy Program.