CHCS Student Handbook 2018-2019

Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences—Department of Health Science 2018–2019 145 Course Registration and WebSTAR Once students have been accepted into the program, they will be issued, or can apply online for, a WebSTAR personal identification number (PIN) that will give them access to register online. The PIN also provides access to account information. Students can apply for their WebSTAR PIN by going to the NSU Office of Innovation and Information Technology PIN Request Form webpage at and following the directions. B.H.Sc. students may only take BHS classes during winter, spring, summer II, and fall terms. However B.H.Sc. students may take any missing general education classes through NSU’s undergraduate admissions during any term in which they are offered. Online Course Access and Canvas All of the B.H.Sc. online courses which a student has registered for will be accessed through Canvas. Students must use their NSU email login and password in order to log in to their courses posted on Canvas. The Canvas login can be accessed through the following . Online Student Center—Program and Course Communication All students are required to visit the online student center at least once every two weeks. All communication and programmatic information will be posted in the online student center. It is required that all B.H.Sc. students use the online student center when communicating with the program. All class communication must take place through the Canvas course itself. Graduation with Honors A student eligible for graduation with a cumulative grade point average of 3.8 or higher who has completed at least 54 credits at NSU is eligible to receive the degree with distinction. Degree candidates must complete all of the requirements as specified above. Nondegree-Seeking Students A nondegree-seeking student is one who wishes to take coursework in the Bachelor of Health Science Program, but does not intend to pursue the B.H.Sc. degree at the time of application. The nondegree-seeking student must meet the following admission requirements in order to take classes in the B.H.Sc. program: • a minimum of an associate’s degree or equivalent credit hours in a field of health from a regionally accredited college or university • a diploma or certificate of completion in a field of health care Due to the limited number of seats available in the program, preference for admission and registration will be given to degree-seeking students. Nondegree-seeking students are limited to taking a maximum of 9 semester hours of B.H.Sc. coursework. Enrollment in these courses does not guarantee acceptance into the B.H.Sc. degree program or any other Nova Southeastern University program. If, after taking classes in the B.H.Sc. program, a nondegree-seeking student decides to pursue the B.H.Sc. degree, the student must resubmit an application to the program to be a degree-seeking student and must meet all the admission requirements for the B.H.Sc. degree program.