CHCS Student Handbook 2018-2019

138 Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences—Department of Health Science 2018–2019 Online Course Access and Canvas Online courses, as well as the student center will be accessed through Canvas. Students must use their NSU email login and password to login to their courses posted on Canvas. The Canvas login can be accessed through the following web address: . Email and Course Communication For online programs and courses, students will register for all classes online. Students need an NSU email account to access their courses and emails. Once students are officially accepted into a program, they must request an NSU email account online by visiting the NSU Office of Innovation and Information Technology web page at . On the web page, students will click on the “Students” tab, then will click on the “Email Setup” tab. On the “Student Help Desk” web page, students will click on the “Student Support” tab, then will click on the “SharkMail Setup” tab. Students must follow the instructions on setting up access to a new NSU email account. All online students must use the Canvas student center when communicating with their program. Course communication will occur through the particular course that the student is attending. Military Leave of Absence for Online Programs Students in the military—whether active, reserve, or National Guard—desiring to take a leave of absence because of military deployment or changes in orders may request a leave of absence for the duration of the time indicated in their orders. In order to request military leave of absence the student must contact and supply the Department of Health Science Program Office with a copy of the orders. Because the B.H.Sc., M.H.Sc., D.H.Sc., and Ph.D. programs are distance based, students are encouraged, if at all possible, to continue their studies. Students who have coursework in progress and request a military leave of absence will be given a grade of I (Incomplete) for the duration of their deployment. Upon the completion of military duty and return to the program, the student will have 90 days to complete the incomplete coursework. Academic Advising and Administrative Support Each student is required to contact the program director for academic advising prior to beginning the program. The program director and the department coordinator will advise and assist the student during their matriculation into the program. Students may communicate with the director and coordinator via phone, fax, email, or in person if they visit campus. Graduation Ceremonies Attendance of graduation ceremonies is not a requirement for distance education students. It is, however, an option that we encourage that takes place once a year. The graduate programs (Master of Health Science, Doctor of Health Science, and Ph.D. in Health Science) graduate in August. The undergraduate programs (Bachelor of Health Science, Bachelor of Science in Cardiovascular Sonography and Bachelor of Science in Medical Sonography) graduate in May.