CHCS Student Handbook 2018-2019

130 Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences—Department of Cardiopulmonary Sciences 2018–2019 Academic Advising and Administrative Support Students will be assigned an academic advisor upon admission into the program. The advisor will advise and assist the student during matriculation and throughout his or her studies in the program. Students may communicate with their advisor via phone or email. Textbooks Specific recommendations can and will be made by the program and individual professors. Students may purchase their books from any convenient source. Add/Drop Students can add or drop courses online up until two weeks before the term is set to start. Any time after that, students must contact the program office to be registered/dropped. Students can use this option until the seventh day from the beginning of the term. Withdrawal from a Course A request for withdrawal from a course shall be made in writing to the program director. A student can withdraw from a course up to three weeks prior to the end of the term. The student may request withdrawal only if he or she is in good standing. A withdrawal from a course requires approval from the program director. A grade of W (withdrawal) or WP (withdrawal passing) will be recorded. The grade of W or WP will be replaced by an earned grade only if the student retakes the course. Unofficial, late, or poor standing withdrawals may result in a grade of WF (withdrawal failing) or F . Continuous Enrollment The BSRT Post-Professional Program offers two courses each term. Although enrollment in both courses is not a requirement, the program strongly recommends that students enroll in at least one course per semester for the duration of their BSRT studies. Administrative Withdrawals Unless prior approval or a leave of absence has been granted, students who do not enroll in any classes for two consecutive semesters may be administratively withdrawn ( WU ) from the BSRT program. If a student is administratively withdrawn from the program, he or she would be required to petition the program director in writing for reinstatement in the program. Program Leave of Absence A student desiring a voluntary leave of absence must first submit a written request to the program director, who will determine if the leave is granted and conditions under which the student may reenter the program. Military Leave of Absence Students in the military—whether active, reserve, or National Guard—who are required to take a leave of absence because of military deployment or changes in orders may request a leave of absence for the duration of the time indicated in their orders. To request military leave of absence, the student must contact and supply the BSRT Program Office with a copy of his or her orders. Because the BSRT Post-Professional Program