Center for Applied Research on Substance Use and Health Disparities

30 PROFESSIONAL SERVICE Gay and Lesbian Medi cal Assoc iat i on Conference Peer -Rev iew Commi t tee. Communi ty Adv i sor y Board. Cl ini cal and Translat ional Sc ience Inst i tute. Uni ver si ty of Flor ida. Lead Anal yst and Co -Chai r, Flor ida’ s State Epidemiology and Outcomes Work Group, Flor ida Depar tment of Chi ldren and Fami l ies. Rev iewer s: Addict ion; AIDS; AIDS & Behav ior ; AIDS Care; AIDS Educat ion and Prevent ion; Amer ican Journal of Drug & Alcohol Abuse; Amer ican Journal of Publ ic Heal th ; Amer ican Journal of Men’ s Heal th ; Cul ture, Heal th & Sexual i ty ; Drug and Alcohol Dependence; Evaluat ion and Program Planning ; Heal th Promot ion Pract ice; Journal of Acqui red Immune Def ic i ency Syndrome; Journal of Adolescent Heal th ; Journal of Cl inical Pharmaco l ogy ; Journal of Cr iminal Just ice; Journal of Drug Issues ; Journal of Heal th Care for the Poor and Under ser ved; Journal of Opioid Management ; Journal of Urban Heal th ; Plos One; Psychology, Heal th and Medic ine; Medical Sc ience Moni tor ; Psychological Bul let in; Sexual i ty and Cul ture; Sexual l y Transmi t ted Infect i ons ; Soc ial Sc ience and Medic ine; The Qual i tat i ve Repor t ; Violence Against Women; Wor th Publ i sher s . .