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Eileen Petzold-Bradley, Ph.D.(c), M.A

Eileen Petzold-Bradley
Internal Communications Editor II/BEDI Council
(954) 262-5071

Eileen Petzold-Bradley is the Internal Communications Editor II in Nova Southeastern University’s (NSU) Division of Public Relations, Marketing, and Creative Services (PR and Marketing). As such, she serves as a curator and editor/publisher for PR and Marketing and works on diversity-related communications across the university, including key events produced by the Belonging, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (BEDI) Council as well as NSU's colleges, offices, and affiliated units.

Eileen is currently a Ph.D. candidate at NSU’s Halmos College of Arts and Sciences in the Department of Conflict Resolution Studies, teaches as an Adjunct Faculty Instructor, is the Treasurer of the Dissertation Working Group, and has served as Graduate & Research Assistant and President of the Conflict Resolution Community of Practice Working Group.

Before joining the NSU family, Petzold-Bradley worked as a Learning & Development Trainer, Career & Life Coach, and Conflict Management Consultant. Through her areas of specialty, she has supported leaders and employees to grow and enhance their conflict resolution skill toolkit, confront interpersonal conflicts, and upskill international teams in various sectors and industries to become cross-culturally competent and understand DEI challenges in the workplace.

Eileen has worked in various roles in Higher Education institutions at the University of Miami, BRDGES Academy, and ran a Helen Doron Educational franchise business in Berlin, Germany. Prior to these roles, Eileen worked as a foreign security analyst for the U.S. Department of Defense and a consultant for various policy think tanks in Berlin, Germany. Eileen has published articles in various academic books and journals and is a regular lecturer and guest speaker for many professional associations. Eileen is an active member of various organizations including the International Ombudsman Association, the Dispute Resolution Section of the American Bar Association, the International Council Online Dispute Resolution, and the Association for Conflict Resolution.

Eileen holds a M.A. in Urban & Environmental Planning from the University of Virginia and a dual B.A. in International Relations and Spanish from George Mason University. Eileen is also a Certified Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile Practitioner, Systemic Coach, and Executive Leadership & Team Coach. Eileen’s upbringing and career background have largely influenced and shaped her positive outlook on life, love of diverse cultures, quest for learning and knowledge, strong family and friendship bonds, and passion for the environment and nature.

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