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Case Competitions

Interested in putting your classroom skills into practice? Want a unique experience to add to your resume as you apply to graduate and professional programs?

NSU hosts an annual Public Health Case competition each Fall semester, which provides a great opportunity to challenge yourself to think like a medical professional. Case competitions provide an ideal avenue to immerse yourself in real life situations that involve Public Health issues.

What is a Case Competition?

A case competition starts with the presentation of a fictitious or real “problem” and the case is usually presented as a short story with accompanying data to illustrate key aspects of the situation. A student or team are asked to identify how they would solve the problem and present their solution to a panel of judges, who evaluate the analysis and the effectiveness of the presentation. This is a great experience for those interested in a healthcare career as it will challenge you to think like a medical professional and address situations that have a real-life application. 

What do I get for participating?

Each competition will have incentives for the winners and participants. Each student will receive one ExEL unit credit for the completion of a case competition. Meet with your Career Advisor to learn more about this amazing opportunity and steps needed to receive ExEL credit.

How can I get involved?

Visit Handshake to sign up for the next upcoming information session. 


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