CMS Version 8 User Guide

What's New in CMS 8

  • Right-Click Context Menu for all assets.

  • Simultaneous Multi-File Upload (no zip file required).

  • Asset Chooser Panel with Gallery Thumbnail View for folders - When selecting the "Choose ..." asset button, the Chooser Panel will appear at the right of the screen. This panel displays your most recent assets, and provides browse and search options for additional assets.

  • Enhanced Notifications - Users will receive a notification if they begin modifying an asset that has been recently drafted. When saving Drafts, users are now given more prominent reminders that they're looking at Draft content. Likewise, it is now more obvious that an asset is currently in workflow. Lastly, a select number of notifications will now contain helpful links to next steps after completing certain actions in the system.

  • Upload a Profile Photo (helpful for identifying users in conversation threads)

  • Full Screen Preview - Files can be previewed in a new Tab or Window before publishing by selecting More > Preview when viewing a page.

  • Add Comments and Direct Mentions to assets of all types. Great for changes and questions that require follow-up.

  • Automated Content Checks

  • Create tasks for yourself and other users with a due date, priority level and related content. There is also a dedicated widget that can be used on your personalized Dashboard.

Highlight of Changes from CMS 7-to-8

  • Your Default Site' Asset Tree is no longer available on the CMS homepage. Instead, users will now see a full-page, customizable view of their dashboard. To return to the Dashboard, users now need to click the Cascade  logo. 

  • Assets in the File/Asset Tree are now listed by Title (previously System Name). In addition, the icons for the Asset Tree have been updated to a more modern, simplistic look. To modify the appearance of asset links, review our documentation on the Dashboard and Personal Settings.

  • In CMS 8, detailed asset information is no longer displayed in the main window after selecting a folder -- user must also click the arrow to the right of the folder.

  • Content Managers can now reassign locked assets.

  • Quick Links are no longer available in the upper-right hand navigation.

    • You can navigate similar Quick Links items by clicking the hamburger icon at the far right.

    • Part of the Quick Links section has been re-configured as My Content, a featured Dashboard widget. My Content includes recently viewed assets, full history, owned and drafted content, active workflows and assigned tasks.

    • The navigation now features a unified Search process to perform powerful searches within the CMS content repository.

  • The Recycle Bin tab is no longer available on the Dashboard. To restore a deleted asset, click on the Trash icon pinned to the top of the Asset Tree.

  • Users will need to use the (+) Add Content (previously New in CMS 7) menu to create new pages, blocks, files, etc...

  • To submit pages, the new Save & Preview feature allows you to preview your changes before doing a final Submit.

  • Single-click link for marking all notifications read, or removing them from the "Notifications" widget.

For any questions on web site updates, please submit a 'Web Content' request through the OIIT Project Support form.

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